Best Sausage Stuffer for Homemade Bratwurst

Once you’re ready to tackle making your own brats at home and have a meat grinder, your last big hurdle will be selecting the best sausage stuffer.

You’ve basically got three options to stuff ground sausage:

1) Stuffing attachments and tubes for a meat grinder.

2) A sausage stuffing kit for a stand-up mixer such as a KitchenAid.

3) A stand-alone sausage stuffer such as the LEM 5 Pound stainless steel sausage stuffer.

We’ll walk your through each options below in detail but here’s the short version — buy the LEM 5 Pound stainless steel sausage stuffer.

You’ll save many hours of frustration and you’ll be cranking out 5 pound batches of bratwurst or other sausages in less than 5 minutes with it!

Cheaper Sausage Stuffing Kits = More Hassle +Wasted Time + Wasted Bratwurst

Using a sausage stuffer attachment kit looks like the best option at first glance, as kits are very inexpensive and save you the cost of buying a stand-alone stuffer.

Like a lot of things in life, though, cheaper comes at a cost.

Attachment kits for both grinders and mixers will work to some extent but they take far longer to stuff sausage, with a lot of wasted meat in many cases.

Attaching and removing the kits can be time-consuming, as can cleanup afterwards.

Many people start with an attachment kit but quickly realize that they need to step up their game and end up buying a stand-along sausage stuffer like the LEM 5 Pound sausage stuffer.

Best Sausage Stuffer to Buy

The LEM 5 Pound sausage stuffer: your best bet!

You don’t have to read many reviews to feel the love for the LEM sausage stuffer.

It’s all-steel construction and easy cleaning has won over many fans, not to mention that it can power through a 5 pound batch of bratwurst or other sausage in just a few minutes.

This vertical stuffer is designed with one thing in mind: taking all of the hassle and headaches out of getting your delicious bratwurst stuffed and ready to cook.

Paying $150 for a single-purpose kitchen tool might seem like a lot but the LEM stuffer will save you countless hours of work, easily paying for itself in just a few years if you make a lot of sausage.

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