Best Stone Ground Mustard for Bratwurst

You’ve just grilled up the perfect, beer-simmered brat.

You slap it on a hard roll, mouth watering in anticipation, and reach for the…French’s mustard?

You better not, unless you want a visit from a horde of brat lovers waving pitchforks and calling for your head.

Mustard is absolutely crucial for bratwurst — and the only condiment permitted on a brat in the eyes of many purists — but if you want the perfect brat you can’t cheap out on the mustard.

Coarse stone ground mustard is the only way to go with bratwurst but beware.

Once you try a stone ground mustard from the likes of Inglehoffer or Plochman’s there’s no going back and you’ll be hooked for life!

What to Look for in the Best Stone Ground Mustard

Plochman’s stone ground mustard adds horseradish for some extra zing.

Authentic stone ground mustard is just what it sounds like: whole mustard seeds are ground with a stone mill and other spices and ingredients are added.

Unlike American mustard (also simply called “yellow” mustard), stone ground mustard has a satisfying texture and pop, with the ground seeds very noticeable.

Yellow mustard has tumeric added for the bright yellow color and is processed to be a uniform consistency, with a laundry list of preservatives and chemicals added.

The best stone ground mustards are all natural and have no preservatives, with some companies such as Plochman’s using the same basic ingredients and approach since 1852 to make their mustard.

You’ll pay more for a quality stone ground mustard but just one bite is enough to tell the difference and that it was money well spent.

Best Stone Ground Mustard for Bratwurst Dishes

1. Inglehoffer Stone Ground Mustard

We start our first pick with a gold-medal winner stone ground mustard at the Napa Valley World Mustard Championship. It’s known as Inglehoffer Stone Ground Mustard! This spicy mustard delivers an interesting mix of preservative-free ingredients. It’s seasoned with white wine and aromatic spices that adds richness to any bratwurst dish. Whether pairing with roasted chicken, kielbasa, or cold cuts, this gourmet sauce brings a strong zesty boost of flavor.


  • It goes perfectly with all types of sausage and is also perfect for flavoring salads sides;
  • Stone molded aroma with white wine and zesty spices, no preservatives;
  • A classic Stone Ground Mustard product;
  • It’s America’s first organic Stone Ground Mustard;
  • A gold-medal winner product at the Napa Valley World Mustard Championship;
  • It comes in a practical and flexible bottle;
  • Specialty condiments made in Oregon since 1929.


  • It tastes like vinegar and too sugary;
  • A little bit bland in flavor;
  • Salty as it contains 50 mg of sodium;
  • Some ingredients are known to cause allergic reactions; such as sodium benzoate, EDTA, high fructose corn syrup, and sodium metabisulphite;
  • Somehow a costly product.

More info? Click here for the ingredients and nutritional labeling

2. Plochman’s Natural Stone Ground Mustard

The classic Plochman’s Natural Stone Ground Mustard is also the best choice since It’s natural beige brown and comes with visible seeds. If you want to enjoy your smoked or boiled sausages with horseradish, you’ll love this classic Mustard.

It is hot and spicy, plus vinegar added, a tasty combination of two taste components. It is meant with vital ingredients like grade mustard seed, grated horseradish, garlic powder, onion powder, spices, salt, and natural flavoring—a Perfect Stone Ground Mustard for roast pork and stilts bratwursts.  However, it does not have sugar in the ingredients, which is undesirable for the people who love sweet stone ground mustard for their bratwurst.

Though we are sure after using it once, you won’t want to eat meatloaf without Plochman’s Natural Stone Ground Mustard anymore!


  • The advantage: Even cooking and grilling at a high temperature does not lose its sharpness and aroma as quickly as a finely ground product.
  • 100% natural and Kosher;
  • Grainy and a natural beige brown mustard;
  • Very spicy horseradish mustard with a subtle blend of garlic powder, onion powder, and other spices plus natural flavoring;
  • Best for smoked, grilled, roasted, and boiled bratwursts recipes;
  • Comes in a decent plastic jar;
  • A gold medal-winning American classic mustard especially for sausages.


  • Somehow high-priced;
  • Contains 60 mg sodium;
  • No sweetness in taste.

More info? Click here for the ingredients and nutritional labeling.

Where to Buy Stone Ground Mustard

It can be hard to find Inglehoffer or Plochman’s  — our personal picks for the two best stone ground mustard for bratwurst — in stores but both are available at Amazon.

Both mustards get amazing reviews and are award-winners at the Napa Valley Mustard Festival.

Don’t be scared off by ordering a 6 or 12 pack of stone ground mustard bottles from Inglehoffer or Plochman’s online.

You’ll very likely go through it in no time as it’s not only great with brats but is often used on sandwiches, chicken, and as a base for vinaigrettes and other dressings.

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